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Diseases of the mucous membrane

  • Treatment of pre-motor states
  • Treatment of mucous membrane diseases and juveniles and adults 

Periodontal disease

  • Treatment of advanced changes
  • Controlled bone regeneration 
  • Splintering of loose teeth.


  • Sealing furrows
  • Conservative treatment of adolescents


The office offers the following treatments in the field of conservative dentistry:

  • Treatment of advanced caries.
  • Aesthetic restoration of teeth using glass fibers.

Endodontics under a microscope


  • Revision of previously performed endodontic treatment.
  • Inflammatory states of the pulp.
  • Periapical changes.

Dental surgery

Surgical treatment of adolescents and adults. Removing teeth (also stopped and eighth). Surgical treatment of cysts. Pre-prosthetic preparation of the oral prosthetic foundation.


  • Treatment of advanced changes.
  • Controlled bone regeneration
  • Splintering of loose teeth.


  • Implant and jaw implant treatment for prosthetic and orthodontic treatment
  • Raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus


  • Supra-and sub-gingival scaling with ultrasound scaling
  • Sandblasting teeth
  • Fluorine prevention


The use of permanent dentures in prosthetic rehabilitation:

  • crown
  • Bridges veneers
  • Individual crown-root inserts


  • Movable acrylic and skeletal
  • On telescopes (the possibility of using clamp-free anchors)
  • Immediate dentures
  • Prosthesis in periodontal disease
  • Time replenishments
  • Treatment of masticatory function disorders (occlusal splints